About Me

I am a lover of animals and adventures. I thrive as a creative-type world-traveling yogi, writer, student and teacher.


I began teaching yoga in 2013 after experiencing the profound healing benefits of the practice for myself. I delved deeply into my studies of the Energetic Body based on the Chakra system.


In the years to follow, I became a certified Reiki practitioner, Yin Yoga teacher, Aromatherapy advisor and Meditation instructor.

My  passion for healing developed out of my own experience living with post traumatic stress and dissociation as a result of trauma. I am committed to supporting other women in reclaiming their inherent beauty, intuitive feminine power and vibrant life!


As a survivor, I feel proud to share my experiences as a source of inspiration for others on life’s ever-unfolding journey.

My multi-dimensional approach to healing stems from both
years of personal experience and formal training in healing the effects of trauma on the mind, body and spirit.

I have come to believe that the body's natural state is one of balance. I work to assist activating your body's natural healing capabilities. My goal as a conduit for healing is to always leave my clients feeling nurtured, refreshed and revitalized.


I would love to hear from you!

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Twin Cities, MN

Steamboat Springs, Colorado