"Mary's Reiki sessions have created great healing for me. I always leave with a sense of peace and a better understanding of myself. She has a gift in facilitating the alignment of the energy fields back into a state of balance. I am eternally grateful for Mary's work and the serene quality she has added to my life."

Kerry Armstrong

What is Reiki?

“Reiki” is a Japanese word, which roughly translates as “Universal life energy”. Reiki is commonly administered as a deeply relaxing healing technique. It is designed to bring about physical, emotional and spiritual balance to its recipient.

Reiki is a gentle healing modality commonly sought to help bring balance to the mind, body and spirit. Emotional, physical and spiritual ailments may be addressed during a Reiki session. This form of energy work may be used to supplement healing and recovery from various injuries, surgeries and ailments.


During a Reiki session, the practitioner uses his/her hands as “energy antennae”, to sense the energetic body of the client and to direct the flow of energy to encourage optimal balance of mind, body and spirit. The hands may hover over or gently rest over the body's main energy centers (Chakras) without manipulating the muscle tissues or bones. The head may be gently cradled during a Reiki session.

Your Reiki Session

It is not necessary to do anything special to prepare for your session.

Each Reiki session will include a consultation. Your first consultation will likely be more thorough than subsequent sessions. We will discuss your goals for treatment, any health concerns as well as past injuries/surgeries, etc. We will create a personalized plan for your treatment based on your needs and goals.


Wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing may help you to relax more deeply. Please wear socks, as I often place my hands on the bottoms of the feet, although I may also hover over that position as a modification for bare feet.

It is helpful to remain well-hydrated at all times, especially after an energy session. Energy moves in waves of vibration, which is carried in large part by the water content of the body. Remaining hydrated helps to cleanse the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

During your session, you will be invited to relax deeply. You may fall into a deep meditation-like state. Some may also fall asleep, which is okay, and even encouraged!

You may or may not feel physical sensations from Reiki energy moving throughout the body. Deep breaths allow the body to absorb this energy more deeply. That said, there is no need to fixate on or manipulate the breath during your session.

Each and every Reiki session is unique. Chronic issues may require multiple Reiki sessions to see lasting results. Other issues may find instant relief. I am not able to guarantee any specific results for each of my clients. As a Reiki practitioner I act as an energy "channel", which takes a bit of faith on both of our parts to trust that Reiki is "doing its work". Always seek proper medical treatment prior coming in for energy work.


As a practitioner I have witnessed substantial healing before my (and my client's) very eyes. It has worked well personally as a self-proclaimed accident-prone individual... tripping down the stairs with boiling soup (down my whole left leg), smashing my hand in car doors, stubbed toes, twisted ankles... you get the picture, none of which resulted in any physical evidence of said injuries. I hope these results for each of my clients and this is what keeps me coming back to the practice of Reiki.

I am grateful for this practice and look forward to sharing it with you. Please contact me with any questions!