"Mary is a wonderful practitioner. She is kind, professional, and does an amazing job. Mary did a reiki treatment with me 5 years ago and I still feel the affects to this day. When my cat hurt her back, Mary sent distance Reiki and my sweet kitty fully recovered, after what the typical "western" vets couldn't fix. Recently, Mary gave me a mini Reiki sesh. Even the smaller session made me feel more grounded in my body and in tune to the smaller things I wouldn't have noticed. I highly recommend Mary!"

Tara M.

"Mary's Reiki sessions have created great healing for me. I always leave with a sense of peace and a better understanding of myself. She has a gift in facilitating the alignment of the energy fields back into a state of balance. I am eternally grateful for Mary's work and the serene quality she has added to my life."

Kerry Armstrong

"Yoga with Mary is a deep, soulful experience where the intensity doesn't come from a powerful activation of muscles; instead, it is guided by healing energy that comes from a gentle softening and surrendering. Her nurturing style allows for healing to emerge naturally without excessive force or strain. It is a beautiful practice that nourishes the body, mind and spirit."

Molly P.

“I am so grateful my path crossed with you Mary! You have a healing touch and my Reiki experience, while skeptical, was like a letting go process that continued days after the treatment. I definitely felt lighter too! Looking forward to more of this beautiful process."

Yesmeen Scamahorn

"I have been working with Mary and receiving Reiki energy work from her for over 2 years now. She is truly amazing and has a very special gift. I leave every session feeling better physically, emotionally and spiritually. I can't recommend her enough!"

Rachel Nelson

A dog "accidentally bit my hand. It was super painful, raised, bruised, and red. Mary did reiki on it right away and the pain completely went away. The inflammation went down after twenty minutes of reiki. It was amazing! Mary clearly has a gift and magic hands"

Nichole G.


“When I severely burnt my finger on a grill, Mary treated my burns instantly and there was never any blistering or scarring. Awesome!”

Anders W.


“My session was as purging as it was serene. When it was done I felt so much lighter. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.”

Kevin Banker